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Making sure that we are being fair to everyone


FSM Form

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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing is determined to treat people fairly and with respect, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, background, sexuality, physical abilities… or any other factor. We intend to do this by making sure that:

  • All types of people have an opportunity to join the various groups that influence the service we provide.
  • We look very carefully at the way our services are delivered to check that a particular group of people is not being treated less favourably.
  • All types of people are given the opportunity to have their say.

To do this properly we need to know which groups people belong to, such as age group, ethnic group and so on. We already have some of this information, but we need to fill in the gaps and make sure that the information we have is correct.

We need your help. Shortly, your local housing office or the contact centre will be making contact with you to ask you to update your details with us. We need this information for every tenant in the household.  You can also provide this information using our online form.  If there are some questions which you do not wish to answer, we will record this on our database and will not ask you again for this information- we respect your views. The information you provide is classified as confidential. The more information you give us the better we can make sure that we are being fair.

Some information will be used to highlight to staff any specific needs, for example if you tell us that you need letters in large print, we’re changing our computer systems so that it will alert staff of this fact and we’ll send out information in the best format for you.

We are having a prize draw with a prize of £50 worth of shopping vouchers every 3 months to encourage as many people as possible to give us this information.

Thank you for your help and good luck with the prize draw.

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