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How you can deal with anti-social behaviour

There are a number of things you can do yourself before contacting your local housing office.

  • If appropriate speak to your neighbour.  Explain how the situation affects you.  You may be surprised to know how often neighbours are unaware of the upset they are causing.
  • Try to be polite, friendly and calm.
  • Write a letter to tell them how their behaviour affects you. Suggest what you think a reasonable compromise might be. Make a note of any conversations you have with your neighbour and keep a copy of any letters and replies.
  • If the anti-social behaviour continues, start a diary, recording:
    • Dates the anti-social behaviour occurred
    • Times the anti-social behaviour occurred
    • What type of anti-social behaviour it is
    • How the anti-social behaviour affects you
    • Who is responsible
    • Details of any witnesses to any anti-social behaviour

Diary sheets are available from your local office or using the online form.

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